Sunfire-Remote: A clean power solution

Reliable, clean, and cost-effective remote power sources underpin some of the most important processes in a wide range of industries. Sunfire-Remote fuel cell power generators have been relied on extensively in the oil & gas, security and telecommunications industries, where they are trusted to deliver highly reliable grid independent power in any situation.

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A power solution for almost any place in the world

A durable and independent off-the-grid power supply is crucial in off-grid regions without access to an electricity distribution system. Quite often, challenging weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances can undermine the reliability of alternative power sources such as diesel generators or intermittent renewable energies like wind and solar. Sunfire-Remote offers continuous off-grid power supply in any stationary and mobile application. At any time. At any weather condition.

  • Oil & Gas

    Reliable power for cathodic corrosion protection, pipeline integrity monitoring and remote gate valve operation

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  • Security & Safety

    Clean and quite operation for speed and surveillance cameras, traffic control systems, lighting, weather and environmental monitoring systems

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  • Telecommunication

    Cost-effective power supply for off-grid cell towers and radio stations

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Flexible power supply

Based on solid oxide fuel cells, Sunfire-Remote quietly and efficiently turns Propane (LPG) or natural gas into clean, long lasting power. These systems, based on solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), have an electrical efficiency of up to 35 %, almost twice those of generators using petrol or diesel engines. The scalable subsystems are designed to suit almost any customer requirements.



Advantages of Sunfire-Remote

  • Highest efficiency: Up to 35 %el leading to low fuel consumption and reduced logistics
  • Reliability: Suitable for harsh climatic conditions
  • Long maintenance intervals: Durable power supply for months
  • Easy to operate: telemonitored unit runs on common fuels
  • Independent: Off-grid power at any time and any weather conditions
  • Environmental-compatible: Low emissions, quite operation without vibrations



Sunfire launches new off-grid fuel-cellSunfire launches new off-grid fuel-cell

German cleantech company Sunfire has introduced their latest off-grid fuel cell device, the Sunfire-Remote 900.

Designed to provide quiet, off-grid power generation for industrial and governmental applications, the Sunfire-Remote 900 provides an average electrical output of up to 850 watt...

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Sunfire presents innovative solutions at the off-grid expoSunfire presents innovative solutions at...

How can critical infrastructure be operated in a reliable and innovative manner, even in remote areas?

Markus Münch, Senior Product Manager Fuel Cells, will provide answers at the digital OFF-GRID Expo. On december 4, he will outline the advantages of Sunfire`s fuel cells in off...

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Small but powerfull: Sunfire-Remote 400 Gen. 2 now availableSmall but powerfull: Sunfire-Remote 400 ...

As it is particularly easy to integrate, the Sunfire-Remote 400 is an established off-grid power supply for stationary...

Whereas the first generation durably provided energy for customers like the Deutsche Bahn AG, its successor is even more promising. The compact off-grid power generator Sunfire-...

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Sunfire is the recognised global industry leader in solid oxide technology with hundreds of systems installed and longest operation in customer applications. Founded in 2010, Sunfire is one of the world's most innovative companies and belongs to the Global Cleantech 100 companies since 2014. Next to development and production of high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC) also high-temperature electrolysers (SOEC) belong to the product portfolio of Sunfire.

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