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    Autonomy for operations

Off-grid power without the hassle

Do you regularly travel to your diesel generator to make sure it keeps running? Several times a year? Gain more autonomy! Sunfire-Remote powers your off-grid application unattended for an entire year.

  • Save time. Easy maintenance only once a year.
  • Cut costs. A durable product with low fuel consumption.
  • Reduce emissions. Clean off-grid power everywhere.

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Autonomy for a whole year

Sunfire Fuel Cell power at its best

Sunfire-Remote Advantages Autonomous


Sunfire-Remote runs up to 10,000 hours without requiring proactive maintenance. Longer service intervals will safe you time and cut your costs.

Sunfire-Remote Advantages Durable


Sunfire fuel cells achieve a record-breaking runtime of up to 30,000 hours. Instead of investing in new systems annually, you can now keep yours for 3 to 5 years before refurbishement.

Sunfire-Remote Advantages Robust


Sunfire-Remote operates in temperatures between -20 and +55 °C and even down to
-40 °C with an insulated enclosure. In areas with changing conditions, you can rely on your power generator.

Sunfire-Remote Advantages Easy


Sunfire-Remote is a plug-and-play solution. You will be surprised by how easy it is to transport, install, integrate and operate your fuel cell system.

Sunfire-Remote Advantages Clean


Sunfire-Remote is the environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. Operating with propane or natural gas, you will minimize emissions.

Choose between two generators


Sunfire-Remote 400

Small but powerful

With a maximum output of 350 watts, Sunfire-Remote 400 fits perfectly for stationary or semi-mobile applications. The compact power generator is particularly easy to integrate into existing systems.

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Sunfire-Remote 900

Double the performance

Satisfy higher demands with Sunfire-Remote 900. While one module already has an electrical output of 850 watts, parallel installation increases the performance. Generated heat can also be utilized.

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A trusted off-grid power solution

Across the globe, Sunfire-Remote is the preferred power solution for off-grid systems – even in very remote locations. Our customers are pipeline operators, provider of wind turbines, or take care of security issues. Many of them are among the leaders in their field.

Reliable power for critical infrastructures

Sunfire-Remote Oil and Gas


SCADA and integrity monitoring,
Cathodic corrosion protection,
Remote-controlled gate valves at pipelines


Sunfire-Remote Security


Video surveillance systems,
Access control,
Illumination, Traffic control,
Signals, Speed cameras


Sunfire-Remote Telecommunications


Microwave radio repeaters,
Private LTE base stations,
5G towers


Sunfire-Remote further Applications


Environmental monitoring,
Meteorology technology (lidar, solar, radar),
Mountain huts or temporary buildings like office or welfare container,
Drones (charging stations, detection and defence)


Enjoy the benefits of Sunfire-Remote

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You are planning to upgrade your existing or invest into new off-grid power systems? Or you simply would like to learn more about Sunfire-Remote? We are happy to answer your questions.

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Sunfire-Remote Fuel Cells reduce Emissions in Oil & Gas Industry

Sunfire-Remote Fuel Cells reduce Emissions in Oil & Gas IndustrySunfire-Remote Fuel Cells reduce Emissio...

In critical infrastructures such as the oil and gas industry, safety and reliability are key. But factors such as cost-effectiveness and emissions also play an increasing role.



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Sunfire Fuel Cells combines more than 15 years of technological know-how development and manufacturing fuel cells stacks and systems. Based on solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC) we launched a micro-CHP solution Sunfire-Home to the market. Our main focus today are off-grid power solutions to provide clean fuel cell power for remote locations and infrastructures globally.

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