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Reliable power wherever you need it

Sunfire-Remote is the ideal off-grid power generator for oil & gas, security & safety and telecommunication industries. As a durable and robust fuel cell solution, it brings autonomy to critical infrastructures.

Applications Oil and Gas


SCADA and integrity monitoring,
Cathodic corrosion protection,
Remote-controlled gate valves at pipelines


Applications Security


Video surveillance systems,
Access control,
Illumination, Traffic control,
Signals, Speed cameras


Applications Telecommunications


Microwave radio repeaters,
Private LTE base stations,
5G towers


Applications further applications


Environmental monitoring,
Meteorology technology (lidar, solar, radar),
Mountain huts or temporary buildings like office or welfare container,
Drones (charging stations, detection and defence)


Sunfire-Remote in action

Whether in deep snow, on the highest mountains or in the middle of nowhere: Sunfire-Remote is unstoppable. Do you also want to benefit from reliable power supply, high system robustness and low maintenance requirements?

Autonomy for pipelines

We do not only claim that our devices are robust, but we have been proving it for many years. For this purpose, hardly any other place in the world is as suitable as the Northern Ural Mountains. Since 2013, Sunfire-Remote has been used fuel cells have been used on Russian gas pipelines – at temperatures of -45 ° C, but also at + 40 ° C.


Autonomy for pipelines
Autonomy for railroads

Autonomy for railroads

The German railway company Deutsche Bahn trusts in Sunfire-Remote. Since 2017, we have been providing systems to power equipment for signals, barriers at level crossings and construction works.


Autonomy for radio stations

Our power generators run up to 10,000 operational hours unattended. This is a world record! A leading U.S. telecom network operator uses Sunfire-Remote to power remote telecommunication facilities in Alaska. After a successful test phase in 2019, we already delivered a double-digit number of units.


Autonomy for radiostations
Autonomy for extreme passions

Autonomy for extreme passions

In 2018, our fuel cells went high up. For an entire season, Sunfire-Remote supplied the Mount Everest Base Camp with power. Fortunately, we love challenges! In addition to the logistical challenges, the two units had to be adapted for operation at 5,150 meters height. Sunfire-Remote provided clean power – without interfering with the sensitive environment.


Handy solutions for off-grid applications

Running on conventional fuels, Sunfire-Remote powers critical infrastructures all over the world. Thanks to its simple installation, operation and maintenance, fields of application are very diverse. Which infrastructure would you like to power?

How Sunfire-Remote works


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