• Further applications

Autonomy for off-grid systems

Sunfire-Remote is the perfect solution for different uses:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Meteorology technology (lidar, solar, radar)
  • Mountain huts or temporary buildings
  • Drones (charging stations, detection and defence)

Selected projects

Off-grid power is not always about sensitive infrastructures. Sunfire-Remote can also make people's lives more comfortable.


In 2018, our fuel cells went high up. For an entire season, they supplied the Mount Everest Base Camp with power. Fortunately, we love challenges! The two units had to be adapted for operation at 5,150 meters height. Integrated with batteries and an inverter in a sturdy aluminum transport box, Sunfire-Remote provided clean power – without interfering with the sensitive environment.


Sunfire Remote Projects
Sunfire Remote Projects


Those who attend festivals want to enjoy the feeling of freedom. With a clear conscience, though. Sustainability is an important issue for the young generation in particular. Sunfire-Remote helped festival visitors to find their way in the dark by generating electricity for a floodlight pole at the "3,000 Grad Festival.”


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