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Autonomy for oil & gas infrastructures

Areas crossed by pipelines can have enormous dimensions. With maintenance intervals every 10,000 hours and telemonitoring options, Sunfire-Remote brings autonomy to the infrastructure that keeps pipelines running.


Sunfire-Remote is a straightforward solution. The compact power generators can be easily integrated into existing systems. They are an unobtrusive power supply that is not very susceptible to vandalism.


With long maintenance intervals and remote monitoring, off-grid power supply requires significantly less effort than with comparable technologies – such as thermoelectric or diesel generators.


Your pipeline is affected by ice? Integrated into a thermal-managed housing, Sunfire-Remote can withstand harsh climatic conditions. It reliably works in a temperature range between -40 and +55 °C.


Sunfire-Remote is a compact off-grid solution. The fuels needed for operation can be obtained very easily – as the pipeline which provides them with natural gas is already connected. In case of propane use, a standard tank serves as fuel storage.

Selected projects

For several years, Sunfire-Remote has been reliably providing off-grid power to pipeline infrastructures. Even under extreme conditions. Several units are installed at natural gas pipelines in Russia, where they withstand frost, snow and ice.

Northern Ural Mountains

To prove robustness, hardly any other place in the world is as suitable as Siberia. In the Northern Ural Mountains, Sunfire-Remote has replaced thermoelectric generators since 2013. The innovative devices provided power to protect gas pipelines against corrosion – at temperatures of
-45 ° C, but also at + 40 ° C.


Sunfire Remote Projects
Sunfire Remote Projects

Borneo, State of Sabah (Malaysia)

Sunfire-Remote performs well also under tropical conditions. It replaces the previous inefficient power generators with only 3 % efficiency at block valve stations of Petronas’ Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline since 2022. It provides reliably power for block valve operation as well as SCADA and communication equipment. The CO2 emissions can thus be reduced by up to 90 %.


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