Clean power on top of the world

In 2018, our fuel cells went high up. For an entire season, they supplied the Mount Everest Base Camp with power. Since the Himalaya is a sensitive environment, our customer called for a sustainable solution to replace a diesel genset.


  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Demanding logistics


Furtenbach Adventures GmbH

Long-term operation under extreme conditions

The two units of Sunfire-Remote 400 had to be adapted for operation at 5,150 meters height. Integrated with batteries and an inverter in a sturdy aluminum transport box, they provided power for a medical sauna.  

Even at an altitude of 5,000 meters, Sunfire-Remote convinced with simplicity: The power generator is currently approved and certified for use with propane and natural gas. These fuels are easy to obtain – they are even available in Kathmandu!

Lukas Furtenbach

Managing Director Furtenbach Adventures GmbH

Our customers are used to nothing but success. Even on the highest peaks on earth. To set new standards in high attitude climbing, we invest in the latest technological developments. Not only the idea of using clean electricity for a medical sauna at the base camp of Mount Everest goes with our nature. But also that robust and reliable power source. The best thing about Sunfire-Remote: It works with customary camping gas from the market in Kathmandu.


  • Low fuel consumption due to high efficiency
  • Use of easily available fuels
  • Compact units facilitate transport
  • Low noise level and emissions


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