Sunfire-Remote is more persistant than a flagman

The German railway company Deutsche Bahn relies on Sunfire-Remote. Since 2017, our power generators supply systems for traffic lights and barriers at level crossings. They take over the hard job that used to be done by workers. Nowadays, the level crossings can be monitored remotely.


  • Downtime may endanger life
  • Technical solution needs to be as reliable as manpower


Deutsche Bahn AG

Fuel cell power in winter, solar energy in summer

Deutsche Bahn benefits from the flexible deployment options of our power generators. Utilizing the renewable sources available, our customer combines Sunfire-Remote with photovoltaic systems. While solar energy is sufficient to provide the necessary energy in summer, fuel cells take over in the dark winter months. 

Philip Molsig

DB Bahnbau Gruppe

Increasing mobility and freight requirements are placing ever more complex demands on our rail infrastructure. With Sunfire-Remote, we reliably ensure the power supply of monitoring and radio systems.


  • Technical solution instead of physical work
  • Extended fuel cell lifetime and lower fuel consumption due to hybrid design
  • Remote monitoring of system parameters, fuel level and battery load


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