Reliable power for extreme conditions

In the vast expanses of Russia, it gets hot in summer and freezing cold during wintertime. The leading pipeline operator called for a robust off grid-power solution. Sunfire-Remote has replaced thermoelectric generators in the past. In the Northern Ural Mountains, our devices provided the necessary power to protect gas pipelines against corrosion.


  • Extreme temperatures in the range of -45 and +40 °C
  • Application difficult to reach during winter


  • Leading Russian natural gas pipeline operator

Sunfire-Remote generates heat for pipeline workers

In Russia, our power generators demonstrated their strengths. Under extreme conditions, they reliably provided electricity. In addition, our customers benefited from the heat generated by the fuel cells: The pipeline workers were glad about a warm shelter.

Sunfire-Remote is ideally suited for pipeline environments. The natural gas required for operation was obtained directly from the adjacent pipeline.


  • Combined heat and power generation
  • Remote control
  • Minimized consumption


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