• Security and Safety

Autonomy for security & safety infrastructures

Off the grid, compact and practical technologies are in demand. With Sunfire-Remote you choose a space-saving solution. Relying on our power generator also saves you time-consuming maintenance work that might even lead to costly road closures.


Sunfire-Remote is ideal for security and safety infrastructure, reliably providing off-grid power to critical systems such as stationary speed cameras, surveillance cameras or illuminations.


Without significant losses, Sunfire-Remote operates at least 15,000 hours. In addition, it achieves the longest system lifetime in the market (> 10 years).


Sunfire-Remote is easy to install and inspect. While frequent lubricants and filter changes at diesel gensets take some time, the rare services at our compact generator are done within one hour.


Our units do not require proactive maintenance until they have run for up to 10,000 hours. For this reason, applications powered by Sunfire-Remote operate unattended for a long time.

Selected projects

Various customers in Europe, depending on a stable and uncomplicated power supply, rely on Sunfire-Remote.


The German Railway Company Deutsche Bahn trusts in Sunfire-Remote. Since 2017, we have been providing systems to power equipment for signals, barriers at level crossings and for construction works.


Sunfire Remote Projects
Sunfire Remote Projects


Sunfire-Remote enables off-grid power supply for measurement and monitoring systems. It provides power for Deutsche Bahn's vibration measurement stations on high-speed train bridges.

Ireland, Scotland, Spain

Obstruction lights are essential for modern and powerful wind turbines. To ensure operation during construction, a leading wind farm developer has been using Sunfire-Remote in combination with PV systems for powering various construction sites since 2014.

Sunfire Remote Projects


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