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Autonomy for telecommunication infrastructures

In areas with good infrastructure, logistics is not a big deal. It does not matter how heavy fuel and canisters are, how much space they take up, or how often a replacement is necessary. The situation is different if a radio relay station can only be reached by helicopter.

Sunfire-Remote meets special requirements in areas that are difficult to reach. The compact devices are the perfect long-term solution – either as a primary power supply or for seasonal use.



Sunfire-Remote offers a perfect tandem with photovoltaic systems. In summer, the solar energy can be harnessed, while fuel cells reliably maintain operations during the dark winter months. Such a hybrid application is not only sustainable, it also extends the maintenance intervals.


Sunfire-Remote is a straightforward off-grid power solution – from installation to maintenance. The system runs on propane or natural gas. Propane is particularly easy to transport and offers an excellent kg per generated kWh ratio – even under consideration of the tank or cylinder weight.


Whether the sun is shining, or it is freezing cold: Sunfire-Remote works reliably year-round – either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with photovoltaics.


For power supply to systems that are difficult to access, Sunfire-Remote is the ideal solution. Long maintenance intervals and remote monitoring enable autonomous operation over a long period of time.

Selected projects

After a successful test phase in winter 2019, we already delivered a double-digit number of Sunfire-Remote units to Alaska. As proven solution to supply off-grid power to microwave radio stations, similar projects with Sunfire-Remote in North America are already in preparation.


Our power generators run up to 10,000 operational hours unattended. This is a world record! That is why the leading U.S. telecom network operator trusts in our fuel cells. Those reliably provide power to several telecommunication facilities in Alaska.


Sunfire Remote Projects
Sunfire Remote Projects


As Sunfire-Remote requires little effort, our equipment is very popular in Alaska, where microwave radio stations are often installed on mountain tops. Those applications can only be reached by helicopter – and only in good weather. Our customers benefit from long service intervals and low fuel consumption.



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