Sunfire fuel cells partners with leading norwegian tech-company prototech

Dresden, Germany, 23rd April 2021

Technology champions cooperate on solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack development and scaling to accelerate mass-market rollout

  • Sunfire has developed a leading SOFC stack technology, which forms the core of its off-grid and micro-CHP fuel cell power solutions.
  • Prototech is developing clean fuel cell solutions with global shipping companies: It selected Sunfire’s SOFC stack as technology platform after a multi-year evaluation phase.
  • United by the goal to accelerate the mass-market rollout of their SOFC fuel cell products, the two partners will jointly drive further stack developments and production upscaling.

Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH, a German-based producer of stacks and fuel cell solutions, and the Norwegian tech-company Prototech AS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on the further development and scaling of Sunfire’s solid oxide fuel cell (SOFCs) stacks. Combining Sunfire’s deep stack expertise with Prototech’s vast technology and manufacturing experience, the partners aim at accelerating the development and scaling of the next generation SOFC stack. For both companies, the joint stack development is the basis to realize the mass-market rollout of their fuel cell solutions, catering to the growing global demand for fuel cells in stationary and mobile applications.

Sunfire Fuel Cells, a subsidiary of the German electrolysis company Sunfire GmbH, has been developing and manufacturing SOFC stacks for more than 10 years. The stack technology, secured by a broad patent family, forms the core of Sunfire’s micro-CHP and off-grid power fuel cell solutions “Sunfire-Home” and “Sunfire-Remote”. Prototech, provider of technology development, engineering, product design and manufacturing services for more than 25 years, is currently developing clean fuel cell solutions with leading global shipping companies. After multi-year trials with Sunfire’s SOFC, Prototech decided for the stack technology as the future platform for its fuel cell products.

Andreas Froemmel, Commercial Managing Director of Sunfire Fuel Cells: “The cooperation with Prototech marks an important milestone for us. With Prototech's expertise and technological know-how, we can not only further optimize our SOFC technology, but also accelerate production and mass-market penetration. Prototech has been a reliable and competent partner of ours for years, so the decision to work more closely together was the logical next step.”

Bernt Skeie, CEO of Prototech: “This is a great next step for our strong partnership with Sunfire Fuel Cells. We have been looking for a reliable, efficient and robust stack technology as the basis for our solutions for the maritime industry. After several years of internal testing, we now know that Sunfire offers one of the best stacks in the market and we are convinced that both of our teams will perfectly complement each other.”

As the core power unit, one SOFC stack consists of 30 individual cells. Sunfire’s most recent stack generation has been released in 2019 and achieves 35 % lower degradation rates and 15 % lower material costs than its predecessor. The company’s SOFC technology is one of the most reliable, robust, and efficient ones in the market.


About Prototech

Prototech SA is a Norwegian provider of technology development, engineering, product design and manufacturing services covering a broad spectrum of areas including space applications, new energy systems, offshore technology as well as industrial products. The major applications areas are technology for space, offshore, subsea, and maritime sector. Prototech is supplying its customers in these sectors with designs, calculations, prototypes, and custom-made hardware for operation in demanding environments, from the depths of the ocean floor to the International Space Station (ISS) and beyond.
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