Sunfire launches new off-grid fuel-cell

Dresden, 1st December 2020

German cleantech company Sunfire has introduced their latest off-grid fuel cell device, the Sunfire-Remote 900. Designed to provide quiet, off-grid power generation for industrial and governmental applications, the Sunfire-Remote 900 provides an average electrical output of up to 850 watts (or multiples thereof in parallel installations).

The Sunfire-Remote 900 utilizes solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). Using propane or natural gas, they achieve electrical efficiencies of up to 35%, with overall efficiencies of up to 90% being possible by optimizing heat utilization. Key features of the Sunfire-Remote 900 are:

Long maintenance intervals: Continuous unattended power generation (proven outstanding stack service life period).
High efficiency: Low fuel consumption, minimised fuel and logistics costs.
Off-grid independence: Produces reliable power and heat anywhere, utilizing low-cost propane from standard bottles or tanks or natural gas.
Environmentally friendly: Minimum emissions, quiet operation, no vibrations, no lubricants and no risk of pollution due to leaks.

The Sunfire-Remote 900 can be used to provide an economical source of sustainable, reliable year-round off-grid power for a wide range of applications. Examples include infrastructural integrity monitoring and control (pipelines, bridges, buildings), telecommunications (private LTE networks, microwave radio and repeater stations), safety and security (CCTV, lighting, access control, traffic control, police applications), as well as weather and environmental monitoring.

The Sunfire-Remote 900 fuel cell is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, from -20 to 55 °C. Using a special low temperature enclosure, operation at temperatures down to -40 °C is possible. Long maintenance intervals allow a reliable, autonomous operation, even over extended periods of time.

The use of commercially available propane or natural gas enables low installation and operating costs. When used with hybrid systems utilizing solar power, fuel-cells help to enable reliable power conversion during times when limited daylight, snow and ice can hamper solar generation. This “as needed” approach ensures sufficient power is always available, while reducing emissions and extending fuel-cell service life.

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