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Off-grid power should not cause you bad sleep

Off-grid power with Sunfire-Remote is simple, space-saving and involves little effort. It is the ideal solution for secluded areas, operating reliably either as a stand-alone energy source or in combination with photovoltaic systems.

  • Be independent: Maintenance intervals > 1 year enable autonomous operation.
  • Think ahead: Thanks to high fuel cell lifetime you benefit from a long-term solution.
  • Rely on robustness: Your power generator operates continuously – also under harsh conditions.
  • Enjoy simplicity: Sunfire-Remote will be easily installed and integrated with your system.
  • Care for the environment: You choose a sustainable alternative to conventional technologies.


Benefit from an innovative technology

With hundreds of systems installed, Sunfire is a global industry leader in the award-winning Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) technology. Our stacks, the core of our fuel cell devices, operate at temperatures between 750 and 850 °C. They convert propane and natural gas electrochemically into electricity and heat.

Process of fuel cell technology
  • Reliability: Sunfire stacks have demonstrated up to 30,000 operational hours (opHrs) in continuous operation
  • Robustness: Full performance in a temperature range between –20 and +55 °C, extension to -40 °C possible
  • Low operating costs: Long maintenance intervals and low consumption of common fuel
  • Multi-fuel: Available for the use of natural gas or propane – also from renewable sources

Power from 50 Watts to multiple Kilowatts

Sunfire-Remote is as individual as your challenges. Choose between two generators: Either as single unit or many combined to a larger system to achieve higher power output.

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Sunfire-Remote 400

Small but powerful

With an average output of 350 watts, Sunfire-Remote 400 is perfectly suited for stationary or semi-mobile applications. The compact power generator is particularly easy to integrate into existing systems.

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Sunfire-Remote 900

Double the performance

Satisfy higher needs with Sunfire-Remote 900. While one module already has an electrical output of 850 watts, parallel installation increases the performance. The resulting heat can also be used.

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Sunfire-Remote 400

Sunfire-Remote 900

Sunfire-Remote 900
Natural Gas


Propane/Natural Gas

Propane Natural Gas

Max. electrical power

350 W

850 W  750 W

Max. electrical output

8.4 kWh/day

20.4 kWh/day  18 kWh/day

Typ. range of applications (with batteries)

50 – 1,500 W 350 – 3,000 W 350 – 3,000 W 

Rated voltage

24 VDC varies with battery voltage between 21 – 29 V 24 VDC varies with battery voltage between 21 – 29 V
 24 VDC varies with battery voltage between 21 – 29 V

Thermal Output

none max. 1,250 Wth @ 850 Wel max. 1,100 Wth @ 750 Wel 


Average performance at beginning of life. Performance over its operating life may vary due to integration and installation concept as well as operating conditions.

Renewable energy with Sunfire-Remote
Ready for renewables

Our customers use natural gas or propane to fuel Sunfire-Remote, substantially cutting CO2 emissions compared to conventional diesel generators. As our power generators convince with an unrivaled efficiency, they consume correspondingly little fuel. This, too, has a positive effect on the carbon footprint.

And there is even more reduction potential: Fuel your Sunfire-Remote with propane or natural gas from renewable sources and turn your off-grid power supply carbon-neutral.

Philip Molsig

DB Bahnbau Gruppe

Increasing mobility and freight requirements are placing ever more complex demands on our rail infrastructure. With Sunfire-Remote, we reliably ensure the power supply of monitoring and radio systems.

Lukas Furtenbach

Managing Director Furtenbach Adventures GmbH

Our customers are used to nothing but success. Even on the highest peaks on earth. To set new standards in high attitude climbing, we invest in the latest technological developments. Not only the idea of using clean electricity for a medical sauna at the base camp of Mount Everest goes with our nature. But also that robust and reliable power source. The best thing about Sunfire-Remote: It works with customary camping gas from the market in Kathmandu.

Reliable power for critical infrastructures

Applications Oil and Gas


SCADA and integrity monitoring,
Cathodic corrosion protection,
Remote-controlled gate valves at pipelines


Applications Security


Video surveillance systems,
Access control,
Illumination, Traffic control,
Signals, Speed cameras


Applications Telecommunications


Microwave radio repeaters,
Private LTE base stations,
5G towers


Applications further applications


Environmental monitoring,
Meteorology technology (lidar, solar, radar),
Mountain huts or temporary buildings like office or welfare container,
Drones (charging stations, detection and defence)


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for off-grid systems. We have collected the most frequently asked questions. For everything else, get in touch with our experts.

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Sunfire is part of the RoRePower project and has received funding for product development and market introduction from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 824953. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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