Our solid oxide fuel cells

Fuel cells electro-chemically convert fuels (chemical energy) into electricity and heat in a highly efficient way without combustion. Solid oxide fuel cells in particular are high temperature fuel cells operating at temperatures between 800 and 1,000 °C. Similar to other fuel cell technologies they compose of an anode and a cathode separated by an electrolyte. For SOFC units, this electrolyte is a solid ceramic. Unlike conventional fuel cells, the Sunfire fuel cells run on hydrocarbons such as natural gas or Propane (LPG).

Sunfire PowerCore already powered more than 400 units in the field. The field experience and track record underline the reliability and low-maintenance requirements of this technology.

How a fuel cell works

The principle of a fuel cell is similar to batteries with the difference that fuel cells are continuously fuelled. Oxygen (from air) is supplied to the cathode. The ceramic electrolyte conducts oxygen ions from the cathode to the anode whilst electrons are sent to an external circuit in order to produce electricity. At the anode, the oxygen ions combine with the fuel to produce water and carbon dioxide. Heat and carbon dioxide are also generated at the anode.

Frequently asked questions

Are Sunfire-Remote fuel cells noisy?

No, they operate with low noise and without vibration. Noise mainly occurs from fans as well as a burner during start-up, optional additional noise adsorber are available.

In which temperature range can the fuel cell units be operated?

The Sunfire-Remote series is specified currently for operation at ambient temperatures between -20 and +40 °C. With product revisions until summer 2020 an extension to higher temperatures is pursued.

Within a suitable packaging respectively integration that includes ventilation, heat utilisation and thermal management, also deviating temperature ranges are possible, e.g. from -40 to +40 °C.

What type of fuel does Sunfire-Remote need?

Fuelled by natural gas with a Methane content of > 90 % OR LPG with a Propane share of > 95 %, Sunfire-Remote provides clean power wherever it is needed.

Is Sunfire-Remote remote controllable?

Yes, the Sunfire-Remote units can be started, stopped and monitored remotely.

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Sunfire is the recognised global industry leader in solid oxide technology with hundreds of systems installed and longest operation in customer applications. Founded in 2010, Sunfire is one of the world's most innovative companies and belongs to the Global Cleantech 100 companies since 2014. Next to development and production of high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC) also high-temperature electrolysers (SOEC) belong to the product portfolio of Sunfire.

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